A Day at Arcadia

Our school day begins at 9am. The children play in the playground until the first bell at 9.25am when they go to the toilet and have a drink ready for their morning of learning.

At 9.30am the second bell signals our short morning assembly where any messages are conveyed by students, teachers or parents.

As a component of our healthy living ethos the students bring a small piece of fruit or vegetable to eat during the morning - munch and crunch.

On Monday and Tuesday the 11.00am bell tells the students that it is time for whole school fitness. Morning tea starts at 11.10am and finishes at 11.30am.

On Wednesday - Scripture is from 11.30am until 12.05pm. Choir is from 12.05pm until 12.50pm and whole school singing is from 12.50pm til 1pm.

Lunch begins at 1pm with the children excused to play at 1.15pm if they have finished eating. Play concludes at 1.55pm with the bell signalling to the children that they must go to the toilet and have a drink.

Our school day concludes at 3.30pm. Students traveling by bus are supervised as they wait in the bus area. Hills Bus is the bus company operating at Arcadia.

Formal school assemblies, where our students are awarded for their achievements, are held on Friday morning each fortnight at 9.40am. Parents are warmly invited to attend.