Arcadia Awards Program

Awards System

House Points

At Arcadia Public School we have a K-6 Awards System which fosters cohesiveness between groups (houses) and acknowledges individual effort and achievement.This reward system operates in the playground and sports lessons and events. Teachers issue house points recognising and encouraging students’ successful practice of expectations. This promotes a team spirit as it is a group reward. Students place their house points into a house box and sports house captains tally the points fortnightly. The winning house is announced at the fortnightly whole school assembly. At the end of each term the winning house has a sausage sizzle. This is a social, celebratory event.

Merit Certificates

Merit Certificates are presented at assembly each fortnight in recognition of student effort and achievement in learning.

Values Awards

These awards are linked to the school-wide ‘Bounce Back’ student well-being and resilience program. One student from each class is recognised at assembly for their understanding and demonstration of the ‘Bounce Back’ concepts.

The core values of integrity, respect, responsibility, cooperation, friendliness and support are on display each day in our school.