At Arcadia Public School we have a strong tradition of parents and students feeling a great sense of ownership and pride in their school. The school itself is a reflection of its close knit and supportive community.

Our school is a true partnership between our parents, our teachers and our community members. We work collaboratively with all the members of this partnership to ensure that the happiness and success of your child is our continual focus.

We actively encourage our parents to support our teaching and learning programs, to communicate openly with our teachers and to feel welcome in all classrooms. We are committed to them being valued participants in the education of their children.

The shared values of respect and cooperation are developed and displayed to our students. They have a sense of belonging and security which allows each of them to thrive academically and socially.  They join their parents, community and teachers, working as a team, to make Arcadia Public School a great place to learn.

Your child and your family are the most important part of Arcadia Public School.