Students at Arcadia are guided and challenged in their literacy learning through current and motivating teaching strategies.  Our exceptional and innovative literacy programs give your child the basis for learning across all other areas and result in outstanding achievement. 

Building the strong foundations of literacy is a continual focus of our whole school planning. The effective teaching and learning of English at Arcadia PS promotes a high level of knowledge and competency in talking, listening, reading, viewing and writing with purpose, effect as well as confidence in our students.

All students are actively engaged in dedicated literacy groups each morning. These groups focus on the needs of individual students within the reading and writing framework, encouraging them to excel and reach their full potential.

Specialised support for students is offered both in the classroom and in small groups. A highly trained Reading Recovery teacher is a member of the school's vibrant teaching team, providing an individualised literacy development program for Year One students.

Arcadia Public School has had outstanding results with its new literacy program – Language, learning and literacy. This program is now implemented in Kindergarten and Year One and has been viewed as an exemplary program.

Our tradition of an outstanding focus on English and literacy and the success of our literacy programs are reflected in our excellent literacy assessment results.