Personal Growth and Leadership

At Arcadia Public School we constantly look for opportunities to develop leadership qualities in all our students through a wide range of formal and informal learning activities.  We also include processes and structures where students’ views are incorporated into decisions made about school life to foster ownership and identity.  We build the understanding and skills of leadership through the total curriculum and the many varied activities of school life.

Student leadership activities link strongly with learning about citizenship and the processes involved in a democracy.

Personal growth and student leadership skills involve opportunities which encourage students to act in roles with integrity and honesty, to take on responsibilities and to work with others to determine and achieve collective goals.  Students are encouraged to be active, reflective listeners who respond effectively and to earn the respect of others through their actions.

All Year Six students are encouraged to take on a range of leadership roleswhich support staff and other students.

Our Student Parliament is run by Year Six students.  Each student holds a ministerial role, through which they are responsible for an area of the school.  The Student Parliament meets twice a term where issues are discussed and voted upon.  The aim of the School Parliament is to provide all students with an opportunity to play an active role in the decision-making process of the school and to experience a democratic system.