Share, Guide, Support

As a parent of a child at Arcadia you can be assured that your son or daughter is learning in a school where their wellbeing and development is our absolute priority.

We believe that social and emotional wellbeing are critical factors in the achievement of personal and academic success.  The safe, inclusive and nurturing environment of Arcadia Public School allows students to thrive.

Working with our parent community we give our children the care and attention they need to develop confidence and high self-esteem and to be active, successful learners.  Our peer support and Positive Behaviour Engaging Learners - PBEL programs develop in students a sense of responsibility and a supportive attitude towards each other whilst developing their own identity and independence.

Our first rate team of teachers and school staff know each student individually at Arcadia. Their commitment to guiding, understanding and caring for our students assures that your child will learn in a supportive and secure environment.

Being part of Arcadia Public School is being part of a family.  At our school lifelong friendships are forged, families connect and the community grows together.